Hi, I'm Kristal Melson

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The Flaming Lips "A Galaxy In Me"
Facebook: Coming of Age on Screens, Indonesia
EatmePoptart : Til the Flesh Drops From Your Bones
Game of Thrones : Fall to Flight
Future Classic : The King & Queen
Facebook : Summer Mobile Campaign
Welcome to the Party, Pal.
Singaporean Canned Humour
Singled out : Loop Service
Where You Stand, Depends On Where You Sit
We got Swag
Kult Magazine Submission
Unbreakable : Pressure Makes Diamonds
Esquire - Velouria
Forgiefan by Nicholas Chim
Everything You Love, you Hate - TheLionCityBoy
Sirocco - Little birds
Kult Magazine - Animals
Elephant Parade Artist Series
Kult Magazine Food
Hypercolour 2
Undercurrents - Bombay Sapphire
Lotus Eater
Of Two Minds
Hitchhiker's Guide To the GalaxY
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